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Everything Integrated One-stop Business Automation CRM Software

SalezRobot's CRM Software autopilots your business by automating your presales, sales, and after-sales processes. We are the First CRM Software Automation System Company offering bundled integrations, including WhatsApp Business API, IVR Cloud Telephony, Chatbot, and HD Call Recording, at an affordaCe price point.


SalezRobot CRM Software automatically captures leads across platforms, distributes them to the right person instantly, auto-sends welcome messages, and updates lead outcomes to the business owner in two minutes.


Salez Robot's automation ensures that sales reps never miss the opportunity of connecting, following up, and leveraging new sales opportunities with prospects and clients. In addition, SalezRobot automatically manages multiple quotes, customers, and payments, including complete sales processes such as invoices, AMCs, renewals, and purchase orders.

After Sales

Resolve queries faster, manage the entire customer lifecycle from enquiry to delivery, deliver exceptional customer support from a single platform, and create repeat customers.

Robotizes workflows, business processes, and customer acquisitions so you can focus more on growing your business and less on day-to-day operations.

Automate every area of your business to eliminate time-consuming, monotonous processes. Get auto-alerts in case of any deviation.
Maximize sales opportunities with every new lead by automating your nurturing process and cutting lead wastage.
Configure instant responses, and stay in complete control of actions. Create an auto follow-up sequence with WhatsApp integration and more.

Salez Robot works hard so that you can work smart. Salez Robot is designed to simplify life and allow teams to accomplish more in less time.

Automation and AI empower your teams and enable you to keep a tight check across your company's projects and team members. Track staff performance. Increase productivity.
Close employee productivity gaps with Salez Robot. Our non-invasive, work-monitoring CRM tracks and evaluates all ongoing actions for every staff member.
Tightly integrated built-in capabilities, including mobile applications, notifications, call recording, geo-tagging, WhatsApp, chatbot, and IVR, add meaningful value to your business.

Unleash the power of insights throughout all phases of the customer life cycle, from lead creation, lead capture, conversion, retention, service, and loyalty to new opportunity identification.

Discover potential opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling using automated and targeted sales campaigns.
Create AI-based survey forms that leverage customer feedback to pitch and promote your new products and services.
Transform your customers into your best brand ambassadors by delivering extraordinary customer service and tracking references. Build long-term, profitable relationships via repeat business.

A happy customer means more business. We get that. Salez Robot leverages the superpower of Omni channel presence, segmentation, KPIs, predictive intelligence, and other tools to build meaningful relationships that foster commitment.

Empower sales and support to collaborate smoothly and help customers solve problems. Guarantee positive, pleasant customer interactions and deliver an extraordinary customer experience.
Using the Salez Robot Integration,
combine sales and support
With a 360° customer persona, you know all there is to know about your clients.

Become a smart brand with Salez Robot. Our AI-led features help you capitalize on the right deals leading to more sales, higher credibility and visibility, and better relationship and reputation.

From initial lead outreach to ensuring consistent twin-engine success, Salez Robot is designed to drive growth rapidly in an intelligent way.
With Salez Robot Integration, collaborate across teams in real time. Foster a culture of openness, trust and transparency between your employees and customers.
Our accurate reporting system, including a real-time dashboard, widgets and customized reports, takes your business on the road to success easily and quickly.

Why Choose SalezRobot CRM Software?

There's a reason Salez Robot is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software platform of choice across small-medium industries. Starting from inquiry to conversion, Salez Robot not only helps to double your revenue but also takes care of your business automation so you can give the daily firefighting situations a rest.

Salez Robot has a minimal learning curve, and anyone who knows to use a smartphone can use Salez Robot easily.

Migration wizard easily imports data from spreadsheets or other CRM systems. Run a smarter business in less than 48 hours.

Simple, easy-to-configure user interface built exclusively for Micro, Small, and Medium Indian enterprises based on a detailed understanding of our MSME customer's needs and demands. Plus, it is flexible and readily scalable.

Fully automated systems easily operable by even non-technical persons make using the software a dream. And the cherry on the top - Salez Robot high availability means 99.9% uptime and error-free cloud operations.

Seamlessly integrates with all business applications available in the market. Moreover, it's future-proof and forward-looking, as we promised.

Not happy with Salez Robot? We offer a No-Questions-Asked Full Refund within 14 days.

Direct support over WhatsApp, phone, email, and chat in India with a proper escalation matrix.

Salez Robot Global Presence

Salez Robot is a 'Make in India' firm with over 25 years of software experience, trusted by over 5000+ businesses globally. We enjoy a global presence in 10 locations. We are globally renowned on the back of our market success in delivering CRM Solutions that make selling simpler.

+ Year's Experience in
Business Improvement

+ Year's Experience in
Software Industry

+ Global office

K+ Businesses
trust RSoft

+ Global

+ Countries
and industries we serve

SalezRobot CRM Software for All Businesses, Industries

The Salez Robot CRM platform includes all the features and integrations necessary for turbo-charging CRM across industry types. Our industry-specific solutions drive success and help businesses rise to every challenge.

  • Real Estate

    Our rise to dominance has been built on our ability to deliver on the entire real estate management CRM ecosystem. From the initial lead outreach to the property handover, Salez Robot has been the trusted go-to CRM solution for over 100+ Credai Developers and 1000+ Brokers for years.

  • Educational

    From Capture to Close, our legacy of experience in the education industry has empowered educational institutions, including schools, colleges, study abroad institutes, and higher education institutions, to reduce their marketing spend, save time (which is money) and increase admissions

  • Healthcare

    Dedicated to achieving the goals and outcomes of the healthcare industry, our rich experience has enabled IVF Clinics, Hospitals, Standalone Clinics, and Individual Practitioners to harness data to promote and boost revenues of prospective and current products.

  • Travel Agency

    Your journey to seamless categorization, lead management, omnichannel marketing, and scorecards begins with Salez Robot CRM. Stay on top of your Bookings, Mobile apps, Itinerary planning and control, Quotations, and Feedback systems from a single platform.

  • Banking & Financial

    Attract, interact, onboard, upsell and cross-sell to your clients from a unified system. As a result, minimize client acquisition and retention costs. Salez Robot is perfect for DSA's, Loan Agencies, Retail Banking, Debt Recovery, Corporate Banking, and Micro-Finance businesses.

  • Automobile

    Now manufacturers, new and secondhand dealers, showrooms and ancillary and auto industries can zoom ahead with generating, nurturing leads and driving conversions. Auto-receive buyer queries from your internet platforms, website, automotive marketplaces, phone, PPC, and social networks. Salez Robot also handles the after-sales service delivering delightful customer experiences on time, every time.



Take prospects from lead to pipeline. Convert more. Triple your sales. Power-packed feature set including AI-powered secret sauce.



Help desk ticketing system that doubles staff productivity. Lowers time-cost. Express resolves customer queries. Creates automated tickets for IT, Support and HR.


Telephony IVR

Professionally manage business calls. Set up in minutes. Scale as needed. Get Real-Time Data.


Business API

Reach over 2 billion users worldwide to boost your Sales, Support, and amp up Marketing Conversations.


R Bot

Configurable Chabot's for Lead generation, Live chat support, Interactive Landing Pages, Surveys, Enquiries, Appointments, Feedback, and Suggestions.

Salez Robot

Discover the ideal balance of solutions for different kinds and types of industries. We are in the business of delivering sales improvement solutions that make your business smart and powerful.

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Skyrocket your sales with
Salez Robot

With AI-led automation, extensive analytics, and affordable packages, you can double your productivity,
foster lasting relationships and triple your sales. Sign up and sell faster in just 48-Hours - Salez Robot
is a world-class CRM with the quickest setup in the industry, at 1/5 the cost.

Deliver outstanding customer service

Offer omnichannel customer support and the right tools for your sales reps to help your organization grow faster.

Drive growth by deploying an A-Z sales CRM

Inspire your sales team to go from 'busyness to business' using an easy-to-use, integrated platform to keep agents converting leads into sales effortlessly.

Foster lasting customer relationships

Engage with clients via the relevant media, at the appropriate time and with the relevant message. Use multichannel engagement, predictive analytics, KPIs, personalization, and other tools to offer tailored interactions that inspire loyalty.

Synchronize with your preferred enterprise applications

Salez Robot is open to integrating with the best business applications in the market without compromising data security. Integrates with 3000+ supported applications via Zapier and Pabbly.