Ticket Management

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Ticket Management

What is a ticketing system?

A ticketing or help desk ticketing system is software that allows customer service teams to generate, manage, and maintain a repository (or repositories) of customer incidents or issues.

The Salez Robot Ticket Management software

Your ticket to consistent, positive service delivery.

From raising tickets through settlement, the Salez Robot Ticketing System enables you to manage client queries or issues reported via email, phone, WhatsApp and social media from a unified platform.

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Do you have a geographically dispersed support team? No problem. Salez Robot enhances the efficiency of remote work and teamwork. It empowers you to offer customers immediate remote help - even when you're on the move - and supports customers regardless of where your business or customers are located worldwide.

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Stop spending time and efforts on the small stuff. Instead, reduce monotonous jobs by automating the ticket assignment process, reroute your resources to settle complex customer problems or create value-added customer experiences.

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KPIs are the new gold. And with Salez Robot's configurable in-built reports feature, you can measure and track your KPIs proactively. For example, monitor team productivity, tangibly measure customer happiness and pinpoint bottlenecks.

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Challenges of ticket management

Wasting the team's productivity bandwidth on manually capturing the contact data of every new ticket is laborious, not to mention time-consuming. Not only do you lose out on the opportunity of nurturing and converting additional sales, but you need to be more aware of the decreased inefficiencies, pending tickets, risk of data breaches, and improper ticket allocations.

Client data and confidentiality

Client data and confidentiality are gray areas. Your client and data confidentiality is open for misuse. In addition, staff members, even unauthorized ones, have unrestricted access to client data, leaving you open to lead leaks and exploitation.

Unresolved tickets

Unresolved CRM tickets show up everywhere you look. They are on your spreadsheet or staring you down from your Facebook page. Your staff members deal with long pending tickets and impending management concerns at a snail's pace.

Constant customer complaints

Constant customer complaints are common. Irate customers screaming down the phone are commonplace. Unfortunately, your employees cannot handle these situations smoothly, and incidents are verbally resolved.

Pending Tickets

Your team habitually posts a problem on the pending queue since you don't have a proper ticketing system yet. Over time, pending tickets get ignored and you now have a pileup of new tickets that need addressing.


Low-paying customers settled first. High-paying customers settled last. Client-prioritization is done haphazardly by team members ill-equipped to understand how to settle client incidents. As a result, setting client priorities is a hair-raising task, and low-paying customers are often prioritized ahead of high-paying customers.

Traditional ticket management system

Information overload is slowing down your support team, and critical client data is not updated during staff changeover. In addition, because there isn't a single information repository, the manual labor of data capturing and filtration stranglehold productivity.

Why do businesses love the Salez Robot
Ticketing System?

Consistent positive customer experiences are the new currency in this
hyper-competitive world. You can ace the game with us.

What are the advantages of a help desk ticketing system?

Help desk ticketing systems ensure that your customer support teams offer textbook service delivery. As such, the Salez Robot ticketing system does more than that. Our system helps you track ticket resolution time and precisely diagnose bottlenecks. In addition, the AI-powered features improve process efficiencies and ensure quicker ticket resolutions.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check out the five unbeatable advantages for yourself:

Salez Robot gives your sales reps crystal clear clarity on the channels to be deployed, the engagement strategies to be employed, and the process to be maintained in each phase, from customer acquisition through lead capture, lead allocation, engagement and nurturing to sealing the deal.

Robust help desk ticketing systems eliminate the time spent hunting for umpteen client records you know you saw but need help remembering where. It provides a centralized location for all client interactions helping you manage them across various mediums, including email, phone, live chat, WhatsApp and social media.

Help clients help themselves. A support ticketing system with information repositories allows you to publish comprehensive solution-based articles and resources that clients can utilize to learn more about your product/service. Plus, they can access solutions to common queries and lessen their need to contact your support personnel for mundane requests.

With the Salez Robot ticketing software, you can easily automate routine processes to boost your team's efficiency. Our helpdesk simplifies everything, from allocating tickets to specific agents to generating predefined solutions for frequently asked questions to specifying escalation criteria if deadlines are missed.

You can easily monitor and stay abreast of the nitty-gritty of your team's productivity. With powerful ticket management software like Salez Robot in your arsenal, you will spot bottlenecks, identify the team's KPIs, evaluate client satisfaction, and monitor service quality using detailed reports.

Leverage the potential of the Salez Robot help desk system by coupling it with other systems, such as CRMs or lead management software. This allows the support team to retrieve pertinent client data from the help desk without digging into different softwares.

Captain the customer experience ship. Ticketing software makes it better and easier to enhance your customer experience with a well-planned, tailored workflow. As a result, happy clients will be brand loyal and tell others about their positive interactions.

The Salez Robot help desk ticketing system comes bundled with a mobile app and a lite web portal. This allows for single-click ticket addition. With this handy feature, not only do clients receive ticket status updates at every stage till ticket closure, but it also results in transparent behavior and increases client loyalty.

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