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What is Travel Agency CRM?

Travel CRM is a tool specially designed for travel agents, tour operators, and agencies to effectively interact with their leads and customers via phone calls, email, and WhatsApp. It also generates useful performance reports on metrics like sales numbers per travel agent, enquiry conversion rate, and customer satisfaction- which enables you to formulate strategies for growth.

With Travel CRM software, you can design and send custom itineraries and quotations to customers, integrate with booking platforms for efficient data management, and automate repetitive tasks to streamline sales process- all this and more from one app.

Why SalezRobot is the Best Travel CRM Software for your Travel Business

The best CRM for travel agency operators will build a reliable client database and simplify your customer support and communications.

Easy to Use Interface

Designed in a way that even non-tech savvy salesmen can get used to it in no time.

Value for Money

Get an extensive number of features made for travel agencies at an unmatchable price.

Amazing Customer Support

Dedicated onboarding sessions via Zoom meetings and Calls, and a WhatsApp group for all your travel agents .

Mobile Application

Complete all your business tasks on the go with TeleCRM's intuitive mobile application.

WhatsApp-based CRM

Send and track incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages from one central hub to connect.


No travel business is static. TeleCRM is designed in a manner to adapt to the growing needs of all travel businesses.

Features That a CRM for Travel Agency Must Have

Travel businesses handle large volumes of customers with varying interests and preferences.

Benefits of a Travel CRM to Boost your Travel Business.

The Best Travel CRM Software in India for Tour and Travel Agencies. It is Specially Designed For Travel Industry.Travel CRM is one of the Most Important Parts of a Business, Especially when it Comes to Managing Customer Loyalty.

  • Streamline Your Travel Business with 10X GrowthIncrease Your Real-Time Conversions and More.
  • Automation For Leads, Follow-up, Quotations, and Invoicing Keep Track of Your Customers’ Preferences.
  • Allows For Easier Bookings and Reservations Increase Your Real-Time Conversions and More.
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Analyze trends and make smart decisions

With all the valuable information about your customers and their interactions sitting in one place, you can use a CRM with analytical capabilities to gain insights.

  • Analyze travel trends and forecast which months are likely to have less business than others.
  • Know which travel packages are popular, and which ones are not.
  • Understand how many people are interested in a destination.
  • Know how your travel agents are performing and review every activity to tie it down to their metrics.
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Increase productivity with customized view

Travel agents have to handle multiple customers at a time. And at times, it can get overwhelming for your agents to remember updates for each prospect.

  • Piecing together their contact and travel information in a single screen.
  • Automatically enriching their details with social media information.
  • Know how your travel agents are performing and review every activity to tie it down to their metrics.
  • Understand how many people are interested in a destination.
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Stay on top of follow-ups

To maintain business momentum during slow periods and foster customer loyalty, it's crucial to engage them with personalized, relevant, and impactful email communications. But the efforts shouldn't end there.

  • Select from a list of email templates, personalize the templates, and set up email delivery timelines.
  • Drive cashless vehicle insurance claims through finance partners
  • Monitor email performance and adjust outreach strategies to better suit your audience.
  • Send updates on policy claims and renewal dates
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Manage and distribute inquiries effortlessly

Salesmate is the perfect CRM and automation platform for your travel business.

  • Handle limitless deals and pipelines with ease.
  • Easily manage leads with intuitive drag-and-drop Kanban pipeline management.
  • Automatically assign leads to your team members for seamless distribution.
  • Generate contacts with enhanced profiles through profile enrichment.
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CRM Tailored Specifically for Travel Agencies.

Travel agents are always on the go, traveling to explore new destinations where they can bring tourists .

Mobile App Travel Agencies CRM.

  • Efficiently manage traveler profiles, booking records, and communications from one platform.
  • Simplify travel booking, itinerary management, and customer service for enhanced traveler satisfaction.
  • Automate appointment scheduling and reminders for seamless travel experiences.
  • Gain valuable insights into traveler engagement, trip performance, and system usage for informed decision-making.

Why Travel Agencies and Agents Need a CRM?

Travel agents and agencies deal with a lot of prospects daily. It’s practically impossible to juggle .

Capture inquiries

Opportunities come from multiple sources like website, PPC, booking portals, partners, etc. You need a travel CRM to collect all the data and act on it.

Distribute inquiries

When leads come in from multiple sources, you’d want inquiries to automatically distribute across team. You need a CRM with automation engine for this.

Communicate effortlessly

An ideal CRM for travel should empower you to communicate via built-in multiple channels. You wouldn’t want to use different tools for communications.

Manage leads and track progress

SalezRobot management is among the top needs for travel industry and you should not compromise with this features when you’re looking for a CRM.

Manage partners & relationships

Travel agencies and agents have close relationships with hotels, vendors, rentals, etc. Obviously your CRM should manage partners efficiently.

Track business & team performance

Insights on business & team perfromance enables you to take better decisions. Your Travel CRM should automatically create reports and dashboards.

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The team has been very good when it comes to timely delivery and understanding of the requirement.

Mofaz Ahamed

Marketing manager MS Foundations Pvt Ltd.

SalezRobot reporting system is extraordinary, and my management is happy with it. We have been using it for almost 3+ Years now, and quite comfortable.


Sugal and Damani

I recommended SalezRobot to all my Real Estate colleagues; SalezRobot is simple yet powerful.


Indira Projects

We are unable to run our business without SalezRobot, and it's a part of our business now.


Gandhimathi Constructions

We are able to manage multiple projects seamlessly with SalezRobot. The team is able to fulfill our requirements with ease.


VGK Builders

SalezRobot software and the team have been helpful since the day of changing from another software. It works like a breeze, and they understand the real estate business very well.


Advaita Homes
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Frequently Asked Questions

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A Travel Agency CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software is a specialized tool designed to help travel agencies manage their interactions with existing and potential customers. It typically includes features for customer contact management, sales automation, itinerary management, and reporting.

Improved Efficiency: Streamline processes and automate repetitive tasks, saving time and resources. Enhanced Customer Service: Provide personalized service by accessing customer information and preferences quickly. Increased Sales: Identify and prioritize sales opportunities, leading to higher conversion rates. Better Insights: Analyze customer data and trends to make data-driven decisions and optimize your business strategies.

Of course, you can! Contact your relationship manager of SalezRobot CRM, follow the steps on the Subscription page to switch to a new plan

Yes, you just need to send us a note with your requirements and questions at [email protected] When choosing a Travel Agency CRM Software, consider factors such as your agency's size, budget, specific requirements, ease of use, scalability, customer support, and integration capabilities. It's also helpful to read reviews, request demos, and ask for references from other travel agencies using the software. Ultimately, choose a CRM solution that aligns with your business goals and provides the features and support you need to succeed.

Yes, we have more than 100 active partners.

Yes, SalezRobot allows your sales, marketing and operations teams to work seamlessly together remotely. You can monitor their work, get timely reports on their progress and intervene automatically or manually when needed.

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