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What is an saas business CRM?

Customer Acquisition and Retention are the key Revenue Drivers for a SaaS Business. But the high lead Velocity and lack of Context make it difficult for SaaS Businesses to Drive leads down the Sales Funnel and Convert them to Customers.In a market full of growing SaaS products, your Business Could be neck and neck with Competitors.

How do you Compete and win more Customers for your SaaS Business.Digging useful insights out of raw data stored in busy spreadsheets takes up a lot of time that could be spent on high-value tasks.

Benefits of Using CRM Software for saas business Institute

interactive dashboards with insights that can transform your customer relationships and improve forecasting.

Lead Generation

Salesmate has important lead generation tools you need to convert website visitors into high-quality leads. Web Forms, Meeting Scheduler, Live Chat & Chatbots will help you turn visitors on landing pages to leads into CRM.

Pipeline and Deal Management

This is where SalezrObot comes in, and they demand the right environment for all the SQLs. Pipeline Management helps sales team to get a bird-eye view of all the deals flowing.

Sales Closing

Salespeople are extremely talented at communicating with prospects based on their buying stage and suggest the right product or service. A true SaaS CRM should empower this quality and need.

Customer Retention

Sales closing is not the end, it’s the start. This is the stage where customer success team takes over and makes sure existing customers have everything they need to efficiently run their day.

Analytics & Reporting

Every team needs insights, there’s no doubt about it. Sales team need their monthly perfomance reports. Marketing team needs campaign-level inisights. team wants to see how many customers are satisfied.


SaaS businesses rely on a lot of tools. The ideal SaaS CRM should integrate with these tools for better data maintenance and collaborations. That’s why Salesmate offers integrations.

Main Features of CRM Software for saas business Institute

No matter your SaaS business's shape, size, or ambition, you need consistent sales to keep it running.

Turn Data into Game-Changing Insights

Don’t see Data in a Boring Spreadsheet way. See the Data in Beautiful Charts and Reports.

  • Salezrobot transforms data from mundane spreadsheets into captivating charts and reports.
  • Customize reports to your regular needs. Build your personal dashboard with widgets, offering.
  • SalezrObot stands out as the premier CRM for SaaS due to its automation prowess.
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Say Hello to Sales Closing

SalezRObotis Absolutely the Best SaaS CRM when it Comes to Communication Channels.

  • SalezRObot is the leading SaaS CRM for communication channels.
  • Connect with prospects through emails, calls, and texts within the CRM.
  • Integration with Google Meet and Microsoft Teams enhances collaboration.
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Managing deals is a BIG deal

Salezrobt Empowers you to Create Unlimited Deals and Pipelines and Customize.

  • Salezrobt allows creation of unlimited deals and pipelines, fully customizable to your preferences.
  • Modify pipeline stages and deal cards to tailor your sales process.
  • Cloud integration streamlines CRM processes for SaaS providers.
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Truly understand your future customers

Salesmate Contact Management let’s you manage unlimited leads and companies.

  • Salesmate Contact Management enables unlimited lead and company management.
  • Cloud-based accounting software ensures accessibility and flexibility, freeing businesses.
  • Real-time transaction visibility empowers teams to make informed decisions based on actual.
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Customize to Fit your Business

Organize your visual SalezrObot to suit the unique stages of your sales cycle.

  • Customize SalezrObot visually to align with the specific stages of your sales cycle, optimizing.
  • Filter views by sales representative or deal stage to concentrate your attention effectively.
  • Schedule notifications for timely follow-ups, automate task assignments as deal stages.
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Mobile App CRM SaaS-based business CRM

  • Centralize management of profiles, academic records, and communication channels.
  • Simplify course enrollment, scheduling, and access to study materials, enhancing the learning.
  • Automate attendance tracking and send timely notifications for missed classes, simplifying.
  • Leverage analytics and reporting tools to gain insights into student engagement, course performance.

Why Choose RSoft SalezRobot's CRM as Your saas business CRM?

A SaaS CRM (customer relationship management) tool helps you build and nurture a healthy leads, keep your team on the same page and simplify processes.

Visualize your sales cycle

See where each deal stands with a visual representation of your sales.

Build low maintenance workflows

Turn your sales process into a well-oiled machine. Save time and reduce admin with task automation.

Engage your audience

Add personalization to your email marketing campaigns and outreach efforts.

Optimize with data

Adapt and improve your strategy as you go salezrobot advanced, real-time insights.

Access from anywhere

Never miss an opportunity. Access your SaaS CRM on any device to check in and make sales.

Scale with confidence

SaaS CRM gives you unlimited contact management. Build relationshipsand grow with a simple to scale.

Trusted by over 100+ saas business Institute.
Join the growing RSoft family.

We are proud to be regarded as a trusted leader in the CRM industry. For over 25 years,
RSoft has earned and kept the trust of over 5000+ businesses.

Clients & Testimonials

Stories behind being best

From streamlining operations to boosting overall efficiency, our Real Estate CRM
has delivered exceptional service to all our clients. But don’t take our word for it, but
check out the success stories shared by our valued customers.

The team has been very good when it comes to timely delivery and understanding of the requirement.

Mofaz Ahamed

Marketing manager MS Foundations Pvt Ltd.

SalezRobot reporting system is extraordinary, and my management is happy with it. We have been using it for almost 3+ Years now, and quite comfortable.


Sugal and Damani

I recommended SalezRobot to all my Real Estate colleagues; SalezRobot is simple yet powerful.


Indira Projects

We are unable to run our business without SalezRobot, and it's a part of our business now.


Gandhimathi Constructions

We are able to manage multiple projects seamlessly with SalezRobot. The team is able to fulfill our requirements with ease.


VGK Builders

SalezRobot software and the team have been helpful since the day of changing from another software. It works like a breeze, and they understand the real estate business very well.


Advaita Homes
Award & Recognitions

for the best CRM for Real Estate

Here’s why we stand out from the crowd and our due recognition for the
innovation and excellence we pioneer in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A CRM for education industry can help your institution grow by streamlining all admission-related processes like admissions, enrollment, academic progress, communication, and engagement. CRM software like RSoft SalezRobot CRM helps you effectively interact with students via calls, WhatsApp, and email, automates all repetitive administration tasks so that you can focus on more critical aspects of your business, and identifies loopholes for you to take corrective actions and formulate strategies for growth.

A student CRM, or Student Relationship Management system, is a CRM platform to handle various aspects of the student lifecycle, like admissions, enrollment, academic progress, communication, and engagement. A student management CRM helps in organizing student information, automating administrative tasks, facilitating effective communication with students, tracking their academic journey, and providing insights for informed decision-making. Ultimately, a student CRM aims to improve the overall student experience and optimize operational efficiency within educational institutions.

No contracts or commitments to not bind you. SalezRobot CRM is a pay-as-you-go service but all our services are billed annually, so you can make changes to your plan whenever necessary.

Of course, you can! Contact your relationship manager of SalezRobot CRM, follow the steps on the Subscription page to switch to a new plan

We are using one of the world’s best cloud services like AWS, Google & Equivalent datacenters which is physically, technically proven as the strong servers in the world and updated with the markets best protocols for security.

Yes, you just need to send us a note with your requirements and questions at [email protected] You will hear back from us within 24 hours.

Yes, we have more than 100 active partners.

Yes, SalezRobot allows your sales, marketing and operations teams to work seamlessly together remotely. You can monitor their work, get timely reports on their progress and intervene automatically or manually when needed.

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